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Introduction to CMI Chem

General Chemical Corp is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, serving industries ranging from automotive, aerospace and paint booth technology to food service and sanitation for 29 years.
Throughout the world, since 1980, our products are known for their technical innovation, superior performance, compatible process chemistries. We are leaders in the industries we service and sell to.

Our state of the art QC and R&D laboratory and skilled chemists ensure that all raw materials and finished goods meet customer specifications and all ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Take advantage of our decades of expertise in developing ,manufacturing and supplying Foundry Chemicals, Paint Maintenance Chemicals, Toll Blending and chemical packaging for for your chemical requirements. If you have a chemical process question or having a manufacturing problem, contact our technical experts for solutions to your problem.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Hindi

General Chemical Corp. products are shipped as super concentrate for savings in freight costs to 65 countries on 5 continents.

Category Descriptions

Auto Detailing Chemicals: General Chemical Corp. is your One Stop Shop manufacturer and distributor of car care chemicals to clean, restore, and improve vehicles appearance.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals: General Chemical Corp. manufactures a line of carpet cleaning products, carefully formulated for maximum results at an unbeatable price. By working extensively with carpet cleaning professionals who have decades of experience, our carpet cleaning chemical line was formulated and re-formulated until the perfect solution for each job-specific task was created. We offer extraction cleaners, degreasers, spot removers and odor treatment chemicals for carpet cleaning.

Cleaning Chemicals: Our cleaners have been formulated to address performance, environmental, and health & safety issues. Depending on the specific application we offer both thin and thickened specialty cleaners.

Deck Cleaning Chemicals: Our complete line of surface restoration products encompass any need you might have. From deck beautification and restoration, to concrete cleaners, sealers, rust removers and siding cleaners, we have it all.

Foundry Chemicals: With over 25 years of experience in the foundry industry, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the proper solution. We offer release agents, parting compounds, metal cleaners, and foundry adhesives for Cold Box, Warm or Shell Box, and No Bake processes and investment casting.
Mold Cleaning Chemicals: We have formulated various mold cleaners to remove unwanted resin and release agent build-up from various substrates. The chemistries selected have proven to provide effective removal while minimizing the exposure risks to the user.

Paint Maintenance Chemicals: Our products can be used in every aspect of maintaining a paint booth. From coatings to cleaners, our products have been formulated to provide the most effective solution while considering both worker safety and the environment.

Toll Blending & Chemical Packaging Services: Our Custom Packaging Division produces your product to your specifications. We have the ability to become a complete source for your Chemical Blending, Packaging, Storage and Fulfillment. We have the capability to blend liquids in batches up to 6,000 gallons in single batch at once, thickened products with viscosities up to 25,000 cps, and powder blends up to 3,000 pounds.
Our automated packaging lines are capable of packaging Class I, Division I flammables, corrosives and silicones in containers from 40 ml up to 5 gallons. For larger volumes, we offer 55 gallon drums, totes and bulk tankers. We can provide packaging for almost every application and customer requirement.
We have build special facility to handle silicone liquids and special engineered building for flammable liquids packaging.
Custom Formulating: Our staff of skilled chemists has the ability to formulate products to meet our customers’ specific needs and requests. Whether it involves modifying one of our existing products or formulating a completely new product, we have the knowledge to provide the best solution.